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FYI, Latches

Notes on the three basic types of latches.


From left to right. Plain spring latch, Spring deadlatch, Deadbolt latch.

Left is a plain spring latch. Used on no security locks. Example is closets, bathrooms, bedrooms. Used to hold doors shut w/o security.

Middle is a spring deadlatch. Used on entrance doors w/keys to open. Is a security deadlatch. Designed to prevent shimming open w/butter knife or credit car

This latch required further discussion. Especially with many residential doors using a refrigerator type weather seal. With this type of weather seal, a deadlatch can be over shut against the springy refrigerator type gasket. Allowing the deadlatch trigger to fall in the strike hole.
The left latch is compromised. The deadlatch trigger has fallen into the strike hole. Allowing the latch to be shimmed back with a butter knife or credit card shim. It also speeds up malfunctioning of the deadlatch to failure. The right deadlach is properly engaged w/the strike and can’t be shimmed back.

Right is a deadbolt. Designed for best security. When fully extended bolt is dead out and cannot be pushed back into a retracted (open) condition. Check to see that your deadbolt is fully extending for proper operation.

Jim's Lock & Key uses an unmarked vehicle for your security.

No need for the neighbors or other people around you to know that your locks are being worked on.

Home, Business & Auto

Locksmith in Lincoln, NE. (402) 464-5445

FYI, Lock lubrication

Locks Like Lub!

If your lock is performing poorly. One of the first things you can do is to try some lubrication.

Key holes

For pin tumbler locks, powdered graphite is the preferred lubrication. Example, locks on entrances of buildings, old style ford and Chrysler doors and ign.

For wafer tumbler locks and wafer tumbler sidebar locks, example, small cam locks, desk locks, auto door or ign. Locks. I like to use tri-flo. You can get it at the hardware store. What I like about it is that it’s a Teflon base lubrication. It goes on wet and then dries and leaves the slippery Teflon behind. This type of lubrication doesn’t appear to attract dirt and grime, which are enemies of locks.

If lubrication doesn’t fix the issue. Something more may be amiss.

Lock mechanical parts

Actual internal parts would likely prefer something like lithium grease. Clean off the old grease and then reapply the lithium grease.

In lieu of taking a lock apart to grease it. Back to tri-flo. It can sometimes be introduced from the outside w/o disassembly of the lock. This type of lubrication will likely either fix the lock if it’s just a lubrication problem or if it doesn’t fix the lock, may indicate keys that need restored to oem specification or that the lock in question may need to be taken apart to look for worn or broken parts.


These are just general comments on lock lubrication.

Jim's Lock And Key, inc. In Lincoln



In shop service available by appointment only due to parking limitations.

(402) 464-5445

Jim's Lock & Key, Inc. Mobile Services Include:

Jim's Lock & Key, Inc. in Lincoln is a one man Locksmith Service that provides Lincoln, NE. and the surrounding area with quality general Locksmith work.  I work with Keys and Locks including, Business Keys, House Keys, Auto Keys, and many other places that you'll find a key is required for access.

I do Home Lockouts, Auto Lockouts and more. 

 My Locksmith Service also repairs and rekeys locks to a new, different key than you have now. If your keys work poorly, I can restore your Key to like new which can cause many Lock issues.  i adjust lock installs, modify installs and install new Locks on many doors. 1st keys can be made for locks that you don't have a key to.

Key and Locksmith work is usually same day service that you call.  All key work is done in a fast, friendly, professional manner.  You deal with me, the owner, someone who cares that your Locks are in fine working condition.  Your security information stops with me too.  Only the Lock owner and I are aware that you're having locksmith work done.  I also use an unmarked, plain van to that end. 

Jim's Lock & Key, Inc. also can provide sales.  I can obtain most any Lock you might be in need of for your home, auto, or business. I keep on hand many of the most common types of locks so work can be accomplished the same day. 

So, if your Keys or Locks are not working properly, or you don't have a key for your Lock, or maybe you're just locked out, give me a call.  I'll fix your lock like new!

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M-F  8am - 5 pm
Sat.  8am - 12pm
Sun. Closed

After Hours:
Call for availability. 

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  • 1st Keys Made for Locks (keys made for existing locks)
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