Jim's Lock & Key, Inc. has worked for many business owners and I can secure your premises too.
If you've lost key control, usually through a terminated employee or the you relocated  your business.  I can rekey your Locks to a new key so you have the only key.  Jim's Lock and Key, Inc. repair and rekey locks. You set the standards for how your business is keyed. 
If you'd like a master key system, let us know.  I can set you up with a system that is very simple with only a couple of different keys operational or, I can set up your whole building with a complex master key system with many levels of keying.
I can also repair and rekey locks in Lincoln, or replace your existing hardware to meet your needs.  Commercial entrance Locks, exit devices, and door closers are just a few of the items that may need to be addressed at your business site.​

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Jim's Lock & Key, Inc.
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Jim's Lock And Key, inc. Repair And Rekey Locks